Innovative new product

The CPET range has many advantages and features that make it superior to other materials, namely;
• Glossy attractive finish
• Good barrier properties
• Various sizes and shapes
• Good sealing properties
• Leak proof seal
• Vast range of temperatures
• Recyclable
• Easy peel and anti-fog

Available in many sizes and shapes
Temperatures from -40°C to +220°C
Excellent quality
Perfect for Meals on Wheels and Airline catering
Lidding film available
Microwaveable and ovenable
Multiple depths for portion control
Heat and serve

CPET trays perfect for Ready Meals
CPET trays are widely used in Airline catering.
CPET trays are a perfect solution for Foodservice.

Another application for which the trays are used in Meals on Wheels services – where the food is divided into the tray’s compartments, packaged, delivered to the consumer who then heats up the meal in the oven or microwave. CPET trays are also used Hospital Meal Service as they provide an easy solution for the elderly or unwell consumer. The trays are easy to handle, there is no preparation or washing up needed.

CPET trays are highly beneficial for central kitchens that prepare individual or bulk meals for multiple sites.
CPET trays are also used for bakery products such as desserts, cakes or pastry. These items can be unpacked and finished off in the oven or microwave.

Post time: May-09-2020


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